ChatGPT Chrome Extension Download Free

ChatGPT Chrome Extension Download Free: Guys I have a good news for you! If you want to use chat gpt in your web browser. Chat GPT is available to install from Chrome Web Store and for download from the link given below this page. More than 500k people already using it. The latest version is 1.2.6, and it was published 8 days ago. So get the best of OpenAI’s Chat GPT language model with the top-ranked Chat GPT Chrome Extension.

Free Tool for Downloading ChatGPT History and PDF Export

ChatGPT Export and Share is a free-to-use Google Chrome extension that lets you download your ChatGPT history and export to PDF or PNG file types and many more wide options. Even though installation may be challenging for non-technical users, this is supported by a helpful community. This compact but useful utility was created using the JavaScript programming language and will be useful to many people.

How to Install ChatGPT Chrome Extension

Using CRX File:

Follow the steps given below to add chatgpt chrome extension

  • Download the Chat GPT CRX file .
  • NOTE: Sometimes the browser may block downloading / installing CRX file from outside the Chrome Web Store. If so, you may need to download the ZIP file instead.
  • In the URL bar, go to chrome://extensions
  • Enable Developer mode
  • Drag the Chat GPT CRX file you downloaded and put it onto the Extensions tab.
  • When prompted, click Add extension to install Chat GPT.

Using Zip File:

  • The Chat GPT ZIP file can be downloaded and unzipped into a location of your choosing.
  • Go to chrome://extensions in the Chrome browser.
  • Switch on developer mode.
  • Click on the Load Unpacked button.
  • Select the directory of with the unpacked Chat GPT ZIP file from step 1. Chat GPT is now installed on your browser.
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